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What are the wellbeing zones (thriving, struggling, suffering)?

What are the wellbeing zones (thriving, struggling, suffering)?

Based on responses to the Wellbeing FinderTM, scores are categorized into three zones:

  • Thriving: Your wellbeing is strong, consistent, and progressing. (Overall wellbeing score of 70-100)
  • Struggling: Your wellbeing is moderate or inconsistent. (Overall wellbeing score of 40-69)
  • Suffering: Your wellbeing is at high risk. (Overall wellbeing score of 0-39)

Keep in mind that a low score in one area of wellbeing certainly doesn't mean that you are in a hopeless situation. Instead, a score below the thriving zone just indicates that you have substantial room for improvement and growth. When you move into the thriving zone in any of the five areas of wellbeing, you are likely to see improvements in your daily wellbeing and in the way you evaluate your life overall.

Click here for information about Gallup's research behind the development of the three zones of wellbeing.

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