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Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements

Gallup's proven, step-by-step guide to help improve your career, relationships, finances, physical health and community wellbeing.

The cover of Gallup's book Well Being

Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements provides readers with a holistic view of what contributes to their wellbeing over a lifetime.

"Wellbeing is about the combination of our love for what we do each day, the quality of our relationships, the security of our finances, the vibrancy of our physical health and the pride we take in what we have contributed to our communities. Most importantly, it's about how these five elements interact."

- Jim Harter, Ph.D.

What you'll get inside the book:


A step-by-step guide

Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements gives you actionable steps to creating a life well-lived for you, your friends, family members, colleagues and others in your community.


Access to the Wellbeing Finder

When you take the Wellbeing Finder, you will receive a scorecard with your overall wellbeing score as well as your score in each of the 5 essential areas.


The latest wellbeing insights

Get access to world-class learning, reporting and advice from the company who knows more about the state of the world's wellbeing than any other.

Meet the authors.

Tom Rath

Bestselling author

Tom Rath is a leading business thinker and one of the best-selling authors of the last decade. His books include the #1 New York Times bestseller How Full Is Your Bucket?, Strengths Based Leadership and Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements.

He earned degrees from the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania. Tom and his family live in Washington, D.C.

Jim Harter, Ph.D.

Gallup Chief Scientist

Jim Harter, Ph.D., is Chief Scientist, Workplace for Gallup. He has led more than 1,000 studies of workplace effectiveness, including the largest ongoing meta-analysis of human potential and business unit performance. The bestselling author of 12: The Elements of Great Managing and Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements,

Harter has also published articles in many prominent business and academic journals.

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